CANDAN CARE HOMES provide quality care services for the elderly who come  from all around of the World.  Our international department  provide lots of services for  the foreign patients and  their relatives with an experienced team.

Our  department is ready to provide you non stop services for your care needs with an experienced team and specialists. Whilst our foreign patients are receiving care, our foreign language speaking colleagues are always on hand to assist our patients in translating their needs.

The services provided by our international department

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Communication with international insurance companies

  • Airport-Care Home-Hotel transfers

  • Admissions process

  • Interpreter services

  • Medical report follow-up

  • Provide the communication between doctor and elderly during the treatment

We care for you...


From the moment you pass through our doors, we want you to feel welcome.

From our smiling face and kind welcome, we always want you and your loved ones to feel comfortable and cared for during your stay with us


CANDAN CARE HOME intensive care unit is a special unit with the doctors and nurses who can use all kinds of devices and technology.

The main reason of intensive care is to ensure the elderlys care and to support up.


Our accommodations feature comfortable beds, windows that let in plenty of light, and beautiful artwork that grace every hallway. What you’ll also notice is the pride and care we take in keeping everything sparkling clean.  The fresh, clean feeling you’ll experience when you come inside will reassure you that our facility someplace special. We’ll do our best to make sure you feel that way every day of your stay.

Each day there are plenty of activities to keep residents busy and a place where residents can socialize together during their stay. 


It is advised  for everybody to have check up once a year even if there is no complaints.

That period may change according to familial risk factors (Cancer, coronary artery disease etc.)


The care and 24 hours follow up of our patients carry out by an experienced physicians, nurses and auxiliaries.


We not only have fun activities inside, we go out too... 

Turkey have lot to discover...


In order to provide the best care possible, our caregivers must be empowered to make quick decisions because, in many cases, every second counts.

So rather than waiting for a decision from higher-ups who might not understand the crucial details of any given situation, we leave the decisions to those who are closest and know best: the caregivers, doctors, and nurses who work with our patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week



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