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Health plans and insurance we currently accept for medicine and extras.

Please let us know before you come. 

For care service it will cost

Residental Care :payments  per month/discount per year

Nursing Required: payments  per month

Care Room Online Monitoring 24h: payment per year


If possible, we can provide you with a form that you can submit to your insurance company to instruct them to send reimbursements directly to you.


With the payment of one month deposit 

If we buy your elderly's one way ticket to Turkey with Turkish Aİrlines we pay half of its price.

We plan your transportation organisation free

We give airport assistance free

Free VIP transfer


We make your room ready for your wish before you come


What billing information will I receive?

​You will receive a copy of your bill after paid,

We'll provide you with a monthly statement of your account.

​WilI get extra bills from care center?

​No if there is no special requirements.

These care will also include:

- Doctor servise
- Transportation or special ambulance servise
- Consulting physicians chosen by your primary physician to read and interpret test results.

These physicians may include specialists in anesthesiology, cardiology, emergency medicine, nuclear medicine, pathology, radiology, or urodynamics.

​I received a notice that my insurance company will payon my bill -- but I can't understand how they calculated their payment amount. Do you know?

​If we have received any such information from your insurance company, we'll be glad to share it with you. However, for answers to any questions about insurance payments, deductibles, or co-payments, you generally need to check with your insurance company.

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